Saturday, February 21, 2009

Book Fun!

Yesturday, we attended an extrmemly large book sale in the largest metropolitian area near out home, and wooaa, was it fun! We came home with about 75 new books for our library. Here is some of what we bought.

Wee Gillis - Munroe Leaf, FIAR

The First Thanksgiving Feast - easily adapted into TOG curriculum

The Viking Press - Rachael Wright TOG go along

Eating the Plates - Lucille Recht Penner, a TOG go along

Baseball Saved Us - Ken Mochizuki, a FIAR go along

Pegasus - Marianna Mayer, a TOG literature book

Robin Hood - Niel Philip, a TOG literature book

The Illustrated Book of Myths-Neil Philip, a TOG go along, used many weeks and years.

Old Testament Days - Nancy Sanders, a TOG history/activity book, used many weeks in year 1

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth - Kathryn Lasky, a TOG core history book

Cleopatra - Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema - a TOG core history book

Chanticlear and the Fox - Barbara Cooney - a TOG literature book

Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May - Jean Fritz, a TOG core history book

Johann gutenberg and the Amazing Printing Press - Bruce Koscielniak, TOG core history book

Rembrandt by Mike Venezia, easily adapted into TOG curriculum

What if you met a Knight - Jan Adkins, easily adapted into TOG curriculum

Canada - Elma Schemenauer, easily adapted into TOG curriculum

The Babbs Switch Story - Darlene Bailey Beard, our state history go along

Wagons Ho, A Diary of the Oregon Trail - Cynthia Mercati, easily adapted into TOG

Growing Up In Colonial America - Tracy Barrett, easily adapted into TOG

We the People, The Way We Were 1783-1793 - Suzanne Hilton, easily adapted into TOG

When this Cruel War is Over - Duane Damon, easily adapted into TOG

Who Settled the West - Bobbie Kalman, a TOG go along

Give Me Liberty - Russell Freedman, easily adapted into TOG

Celtic Fairy Tales - Neil Philip, just for fun, dd loves poetry and we will be studying about the Celts soon.

Usborne Introduction to Biology, great science book!

The Roman Empire - Peter Chrisp, a TOG go along

Esther's Story - Diane Wolkstein, a TOG go along

A Medieval Feast - Aliki, easily adapted into TOG

Georgia O'Keeffe - Mike Venezia, I love these books. They are great to have around for reference.

Tales from Shakespeare - Marcia Williams, easily adapted into TOG, this is a cool book, Shakespeare in cartoon strips, great for youngest son!

The Roman News - Andrew Langley and Philip DeSouza, easily adapted into TOG

Paul Revere - Illustrated by Charles Santore, easily adapted into TOG, may even use for compare/contrast discussion as I have several versions of this poem by different illustrators.

Wise Guy, The Life and Philosophy of Socrates - M.D.Usher, easily adapted into TOG

The World's Great Explorers, Henry the Navigator - Charnan Simon, easily adapted into TOG

A Long and Uncertain Journey, The 27,000 mile voyage of Vasco da Gama 0 Joan elizabeth Goodman - easily adapted into TOG
I just wanted to mention how easy it is to swap books with Tapestry of Grace (TOG), our core homeschool curriculum. TOG does a very excellent job of choosing core books that are the best living books available, however if there is another title that I feel is better for our family, or in this case, cheaper ($1.00 per book), I can switch them out very easily. That flexibility is built into the curriculum. Isn't that wonderful!
The best part of our book sale adventure was to see the children and dh having so much fun. They all searched for titles of their own. Is was so rewarding to see youngest son, who is just mastering the art of reading, tay up late last night (or early this morning) to finish his chapter book. I love homeschooling!
May you have a blessed day, Suzie


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