Monday, October 4, 2010

The Puppy Dog Song

While at Roundhouse Camp (see here), the children performed a song that we have affectionately named the Puppy Dog Song. It was a favorite of both my grandmother and father who both recently passed away. I think it helped us all to remember them fondly through this song. It's a catchy little tune with honest words. My mother told me that my 94 year old grandmother used to giggle at it, in her sweet, sweet, way.
The children did a fantastic job! I am so proud of them!

See for yourself!

They worked so hard on this project and it came off without a hitch! They proved that they can work as a team.

Blessings, Mom


Anonymous said...

Really cute! I love the tone of your daughters voice. They did a great job with each showing their creativity.

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

Awwww! I didn't realize that you posted this here until now. It was so adorable! I'll let the kids watch it so we can all relive the great memory. :)