Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Our youngest son, Joshua just had his 10th birthday. It was quite a fun event in our home.

Ready, Set, Blow!
And he blew them all out!

We have a tradition in our home. For your birthday, you get a home baked cake from mom and your favorite dinner. We call it the birthday supper.
Dear son came to me about a week before his birthday asking for a cake with a tank on it.
We live near a military town so I thought that would be a breeze, however after searching the local party store, I was stumped for ideas. Nothing I could find was what I wanted.
If you have read my blog, you know that my dear grandmother passed away this past July and in my Memior of her I mentioned her passion for decorating cakes. She left me her Kopykake, which is a bit like using an overhead projector, only it points downward, onto a cake. I searched the internet for just the right color book page to make this cake happen. I was 16 years old the last time I used grandma's Kopykake, and now she was no longer here to coach me. It was a very emotional experience, but with great success. Grandma would be proud of me and dear son was very impressed as well. It was a success on both fronts.

Grieving is a really funny thing. You never know when it is gonna hit you and then there are things that you avoid, knowing that they are going to be painful. I think that I was avoiding using this wonderful tool, knowing that it was going to be a painful, not realizing the growth that would take place.
Now how did I get from birthday party to grieving???
Back to birthday party.

Later, our family visited a place in a nearby town called Incredible Pizza. They have lots of unhealthy things to eat, buffet style as well as an entire back room full of game machines, bumper cars, bowling, Indy racetrack and so much more. Lots of fun was had by all.

While going through some of my grandmothers things, I found the little study book that was given to her when she became a Christian, upon her confession and baptism into Christ.
I know she is sitting at the right hand of God.
I look forward to being there with her, some day. It will be glorious!

Blessings for a heavenly day, Suzie

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