Sunday, January 24, 2010

Medieval Times

While our family was together at Christmas time, we took a field trip excursion to Medieval Times. It was very close to my parents home and we are studying in Year 2, Unit 1 which covers the medieval time period in history. We had ruled out this field trip previously as it was a bit pricey, but we were able to find a coupon allowing our two youngest children free admission. If you are wanting to do this outing for your own family, make sure to look around for coupons. They often have them on their own website.
The boys made knight helmets and daughter made a damsel hat. I also used burlap and rope cutting a slits in it for the head and the boys had a coverlet and a place to store their swords when the rope was tied around their waist. They were great dress up activities to go along with the theme for the night.
Here is a picture of our family, taken by our server who treated us with royalty.

We all enjoyed the food. The meal of soup, roast chicken and ribs, potato, roll, apple turnover and beverage was served on metal plates with no utensils. Everything had to be eaten with your hands. Soup was served in a bowl that was tipped up and drank. It was a bit messy. They served warm lemon towels at the conclusion of the meal, luckily.

The show was exciting. I did not see one empty seat in the entire arena. We were seated in the 'yellow' section and we cheered for the yellow knight. Here he is with the children at the conclusion of the show. Youngest son was in awe of meeting a 'real' knight. He even had to get his autograph:)

The show was full of excitement with lots of pomp as well as sword fights and jousting. They also had demonstrations of dancing horses and fowl both of which would have been included in a medieval fair. The children were impressed with watching the squire do his job. We have talked a lot about a squire and it was great for them to see one in action.

After the show, we went beyond the gift shop where they kept the horses. They were very beautiful, enormous creatures.
Enjoy the photgraphs. Blessings, Suzie E.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Helping with Family

The children and I are in California helping to care for my parents. We have been here since mid November and are planning on heading home next week. In the next few days I will share a couple of the activities that we have done while we have been here. It has been mostly work, but we had a few days of play along the way.

I continue to solicit your prayers as my parents are ill. My mother has many chronic problems and dad is finishing up his fourth round of chemotherapy next week. God is so good and is answering many prayers in relation to dad's cancer. The doctor expects his cat scan to be clear on February 8th. After that, he will undergo radiation treatments. This has clearly been one of the most trying times of my life, however, I would not change it for anything in the world. I feel that I have grown so much, especially spiritually and as a mother. I look forward to being together as a family, in our home, soon. There is no place like home.
Blessings, Suzie