Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Are All Going Back To School

Our family has not been exempt from the current economic downturn, and so this fall, we have all returned to school.  Yes, I have joined my children in an educational journey.

Prior to being a mother, I was a nurse.  I thought my years of nursing were over when I had children.  Being a mother was everything I dreamed it would be and more.  I cherish time spent with my children.  The are growing up very rapidly and soon will be going away to college, yikes!  On top of the financial help, I think this journey will help me transition to an empty nester.  Shortly, I will have my license reinstated and return to work.

David began an external pre-engineering course at the local vocational school this fall.  He goes away to school every day  for two science and engineering courses.  He is continuing his home studies as well.  I miss him a lot but the independence and self teaching is very good for him.  He is learning a lot of time management skills, ie:  he has a lot on his plate!

I have had several well meaning people assume that the children be put in public school since I am going back to work.  Let me comment that public school or homeschool is a very personal decision for each family and ours has decided that public school is not an option for our family.  I know that sounds kind of strong however, we feel that sometimes the easiest decision is not the best one.  We are committed to seeing our children succeed in their education and life.  My dear husband has become more involved helping with Naomi and Joshua's school work.  It is good that he and I are working more as a team in many areas of our home.

Even though life seems so chaotic right now, I am thankful for many things: all the freedoms that we have in Christ and our country, the Word of God that guides each and every decision that we make and for family and friends that support us in our decisions, even though they may not agree with them.

May You Have a Thankful Day,