Friday, July 4, 2008

Egypt and Sugar Cube Pyramids

Egyptian History was part of our studies this past year. We used Tapesty of Grace Year 1. We did lots of fun projects for our Egypt Units. Here is one of our favorites.

Sugar Cube Pyramids

Just using cardboard boxes covered with black consruction paper, we began with a sturdy foundation. Next we laid the cornerpieces. We
had a discussion about how Christ should be the cornerstone of our lives, explaining however that this was a little out of historical context, none the less, extremely important. Your cornerstone must be correct if the rest of the building is to stand. Carefully dipping your sugar cubes one by one into Elmers School Glue (I used this because it needs to be thick enough to not dissolve the sugar cube) and quickly but carefully laying them on the black paper all the way around. When they got all the way around, one layer, this was the foundation layer of their pyramid. They
worked carefully adding layer upon layer. You
must be careful not
put too much glue on each piece and it is better to make the 'steps' narrower than wider. By doing this, there may be some gaps in your pyramid, but this is better than it falling down later on. I would recommend this for ages 3-6 however, you could make a simpler model for younger and let the older ones design their own as we did. This was so much fun that the children often ask me to do it again with all the leftover sugar cubes. Happy pyramid building. Blessings, Suzie

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