Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Safety Chain: Part I

Things are a bit crazy around here today. I am preparing to go on a 6 day evangelistic mission trip. Once a year, several dozen Christians from our area visit a city that has requested our assistance in helping them to grow. We will knock doors, set up bible studies and watch the Lord's church grow in this town. This year we are going to a small town of around 30,000 people and we will be knocking every door in this town. It will also be very hot, so I am packing cool but modest clothing. I have posted the Safety Chain of Salvation part 1, which is the Bible Study that we will used to teach people the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will post the second half upon my return. You just use the scriptures to answer the questions. Blessings, Suzie
Traditions of Men
Mark 7:7,9 and 13 - Are the commandments fo men equal to the commandments of God?
I Timothy 4:1-4 What are two examples of traditions of men found in verse three?
Old and New Testament
Colossians 2:14 When was the Old Law taken away?
Galatians 3:24-25 Since we are saved now by faith, are we still under the old law?
Hebrews 8:6-7 Which covenant are we under today?
Hebrews 9:15-17 When does a will or testament come into force? So what testament are we under today?
Inspiration of the Scriptures
II Timothy 3:16-17 What scriptures are inspired by God?
II Peter 1:3 Does the Bible contain everything we need to guide us through life? Do we need more than what was given in the first century?
All have sinned
Romans 3:23 How many of us have sinned?
I John 3:4 What is sin? What does transgress mean?
Christ reconciles
Romans 5:8-10 Because God loved us, what happened for us?
John 14:5 What is the only way we can come to God the Father?
Obey God's Will
Matthew 7:21-23 Who will go to heaven? Will everyone who professes to be a Christian be saved?
Matthew 7:13-14 What is the way to destruction like? What is the way to eternal life like? Is there safety in numbers?
John 14:15 If we really love the Lord, what will we do?
John 3:16 What does this verse say we must do to have eternal life?
John 8:24 What will happen if we don't believe in Jesus?
Hebrews 11:6 It is impossible to please God without what?
Luke 13:3 This verse says we will perish (or be lost) unless we do what?
Acts 17:30 Is ignorance of God's law an acceptable excuse?
II Corninthians 7:10 What does godly sorrow work in us?
Matthew 10;32-33 What do these verses say we must do if we want the Lord to acknowledge us before God?
Romans 10:9-10 In addition to belief, what else do we need to be saved? How do we do this?
Acts 8:37 What did the Eunuch confess?
Acts 8:35-39 When Philip preached Jesus , the Eunuch wanted to do what?
Mark 16:15-16 What two things are we to do before we are saved?
Acts 2:37-41 What were these people told to do to have remission of sins? What does it mean that they were told to save themselves?
Romans 6:3-6 What is baptism compared to in this passage? How do we bury people?
I Peter 3:21 What does this verse says saves us?
Acts 22:16 When were are baptized what hapens to our sins?
Results of Obedience
Acts 2:47 What happens to those who are saved? Do we join the church? Are we voted in?

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