Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Peanut Butter Family Homeschool - Book Review

I don't get much time to read for pleasure, but I picked this one up at a used book store a while back and the title cought my eye...peanut butter? I really liked this book. It was an easy read, I read through the entire thing in about three evenings. Bill Butterworth, the author writes it from his perspective and it begins when their oldest children were in school and how his wife approaches him about homeschooling thier children. This is an older book, written in the mid 80's so that was when homeschooling wasn't mainstream. I found it funny, delightful and heartwarming. It recounts some of the basics of homeschooling from the beginning and mentions the methods of the late Raymond and Dorothy Moore. It helped me to begin thinking about the basics of homeschooling rather than the techniques. Techniques is what we have a lot of in this time and I tend to get lost in the techniques and thus lose the spirit and joy of what I am really doing from day to day. May each of you find the joy in the journey, if only for today. Have a blessed day, Suzie E.

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