Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're Goin to a Tea Party

A Taxpayer Tea Party, that is!

If you want to find one near you , they will be happening all over the country tomorrow,
April 15, 2009.

People are organizing at a grassroots level to peacefully show how frustrated they are with excessive spending and our representatives not listening to our needs.

Our local one is going to be exciting complete with Tea Party Music
and more Tea Party Music
a speaker, and time for folks to have their own say in the microphone.

Here are some of the signs the children and I made.

I have not used my blog in the past as a political forum but have recently realized that my political stands are as basic as my stands about being a Christian. As Christians, we must begin standing up for our rights, or they will be taken away. I hope this is an area that all of us (including me) can evaluate and make a priority in our lives.

The children will also be participating. They helped make signs and it was so appropriate that we are attending TeenPact classes next week at our state capitol. As part of our assigned preparation for this class, we are reading portions of Real Citizenship by Tim G. Echols.
It is very appropriate that the children learn how to make a difference. So along with a Tea Party, we are having 'school' on the City Hall lawn! Homeschooling is AMAZING!

Blessings for a thoughtful day, Suzie

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Manuela said...

Hello Suzie,
It was great to view your blog. We are going to a TEA party tomorrow as well and I got some good ideas from your blog for signs. Thank you so much for sharing. May we make a difference! By the way, I have a blog too, since this week. If you would like to see us (including our newest addition) visit my blog at thegohnfamily. I have not had time yet to set everything up just right. I am not good at things like this. Anyway you can at least see some of our pictures. Tell your family hello from us.
God bless you,